J&T Consulting Services provides end-to-end information consulting and management consulting, from strategic planning and analysis through systems design, development, and implementation, and the support of advanced networks.


J&T Consulting Services helps your company define and deliver innovative Services and Solutions that tap into new markets, reaching existing markets in new ways, and refining current delivery methods.

Our cross-industry, cross function consultants are focused on thinking “outside the box” Our expertise throughout all phases of Solution Development enables us to utilize known project management methodologies in the design, development, testing and implementation, of high performance Solutions.

J&T Consulting Services takes pride in applying our diverse breadth and in depth experience in implementing Solutions that deliver to our clients a return on their investment as promised: on time, within budget, and with the business result expected (or better).

Human Resources

J&T Human Resources division emerges to provide our clients with a first-class service in this key area of business management.

Our objective is to intervene to improve or modify the Human Resources practices that must add value to the company, increasing the intellectual capital that accumulates within the organization.


J&T Consulting provides investing and financial planning at all levels from Global Finances, M&A´s to corporate accounting, tax planning, “serving all the needs of our clients” is our motto.

Financial consulting services at all levels. Accounting, auditing, financial management, personal finance.


J&T training services are services tailored to your business needs. J&T trainers are professionals with exceptional mastery in the areas of training offered.

Legal Consultancy

J & T legal consultancy is based on providing a service that enables informed and correct decisions, optimizes opportunities and minimizes risks, fulfilling contractual and legal obligations.